The art and science of imagination

Grade 5

A fifth grade student attains a certain ease and grace of physical movement intrinsic to their age. An awareness of self strengthens. The celebration of their unique abilities at this time culminates in their participation in the spring in the Greek Pentathlon, an Olympiad event with other regional Waldorf schools. Cognitively, children approach things in a more realistic and reasoning manner as emergent intellectual faculties are ready to be used more consciously.

Language Arts: Grammar and composition; spelling; reading; report writing; drama

Literature and History: Ancient civilizations (Indian, Persian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek)

Mathematics: Decimals; mixed numbers; computation and problem solving; ratios and percents

Science: Botany and zoology

Social Studies: North American geography and history

Form Drawing: Free hand geometric drawing

Spanish and German: Spanish/German geography; foods; subject pronouns; verb conjugation

Classics: Egyptian & Greek language & culture

Physical Education: Greek Olympic Events; eurythmy

Practical Arts: Four needle knitting

Visual Arts: Painting; drawing; clay sculpture

Music: Recorder; singing (rounds); music notation; major and minor scales; Greek music; orchestra