Grade 3

Noticeable physiological, psychological and cognitive changes take place in the child this year. The nine/ten year change represents a very significant step in self-awareness. Children realize they are separate from their surroundings and meet the world as individuals, often resulting in increased questions, self-doubt and wonder. The curriculum is intended to foster inner security and teach respect for the earth, while helping children to develop a new relationship with their surroundings.

Language Arts: Cursive writing; parts of speech; grammar and punctuation; reading; spelling; oral recitation; drama

Literature: Old Testament stories

Mathematics: Four operations continued; carrying and borrowing; multiplication tables; time, money, and measurement; computation and problem solving

Science: Farming and gardening; cycles of the year

Studies: Food, shelter, and clothing of different cultures and the social implications

Form Drawing: Vertical symmetry

Spanish and German: Songs, dances and games; poetry; stories; color and action words

Physical Education: Circle games; line games; work games; eurythmy

Handwork: Crocheting and knitting

Visual Arts: Painting; drawing; beeswax modeling

Music: Tonality in octave through recorder and singing