Grade 2

This year, children continue to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of arithmetic and literacy, further developing a repertoire of skills that were initially introduced in Grade 1. Teachers continue to use movement, rhythm, and rhyme as  key instructional tools.

Language Arts: Lowercase letters; parts of speech; reading; oral recitation; drama

Literature: Fables; legends of saints and heroes

Mathematics: The four operations continued; concrete computation; column addition and subtraction; multiplication facts

Social Studies: Native American lore

Science: Nature studies and the environment through observation; gardening; cooking

Form Drawing: Linear forms

Spanish and German: Songs, dances and games; poetry and stories; alphabet and numbers

Physical Education: Cooperative games; large muscle activity; jump rope; circle games

Practical Arts: Knitting and purling; crocheting

Visual Arts: Painting; drawing; beeswax modeling

Music: Pentatonic flute; singing