Grade 1

First grade is the beginning of formal schooling marked by children’s new interest in learning, inspired by the awakening capacities of memory and thinking. Students establish good habits of classroom life and work that will form the basis for all subsequent learning at school. The students and teacher build the foundation for an ever-deepening relationship while forming a socially cohesive group during this special year of “beginnings.”

Language Arts: Capital letters; oral recitation; introduction to reading; drama

Literature: Folk and fairy tales

Mathematics: Number concept; the four operations (+, -, x, ÷); number patterns

Science: Nature studies; environmental observation through gardening and cooking

Form Drawing: Straight line and curve; linear forms

Spanish and German: Songs, dances and games; poetry and stories

Physical Education: Cooperative games

Practical Arts: Knitting

Visual Arts: Painting; drawing; beeswax modeling

Music: Pentatonic flute; singing