DVWS Giving Circle 2015-2016


DVWS Giving Circle is a unique program that invites you to give charitable dollars, while giving you a say in how those dollars are spent.

Like all non-profits, our school needs your support to meet its mission, but we also want your involvement. A portion of donations received via the Giving Circle will be spent at the direction of Giving Circle members.

Your gift—at any level—makes you (or a designated person) a member of the DVWS Giving Circle. All members will share ideas and decide together how the money should best be spent to meet the school’s needs. This process is mirrored after the Shared Gifting model, developed by the Rudolf Steiner Social Finance group. It is inspiring, informative and builds a community of collective action and shared trust—a perfect complement to our school’s philosophy and mission.

Click the link below to give today! Every gift is appreciated. Those giving $500 or greater will be recognized as Cornerstone Members of the Giving Circle. All donations are tax-deductible.

Click here for a printable pledge card or to make a gift online immediately, via PayPal.

Thank you for considering our school for your gift dollars this year!