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There’s Wisdom Behind the Waldorf Classroom Clapping Games

Childhood clapping games aren’t just fun, they’re brain building. Research by Dr. Idit Sulkin, of the Ben-Gurion University Music Science Lab, found that young children who naturally play hand-clapping games are better spellers, have neater handwriting, and better overall writing skills. Clapping and singing, clapping and chanting. There’s a reason these activities are found across […]

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Literacy Experts: Test-Driven Education Leads to Verbal Decline

As SAT verbal scores continue to drop, researchers are saying that the drop in literacy is connected to the test-centered curriculum. “In the decades before the Great Verbal Decline, a content-rich elementary school experience evolved into a content-light, skills-based, test-centered approach.” writes literary critic E.D. Hirsch in a New York Times opinion piece. Cognitive psychologists […]

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Leo Klein To Visit Water’s Edge

Leo Klein, renowned Dutch artist and Waldorf educator will visit Water’s Edge the week of March 7-11.   As he did when he visited last year, Mr. Klein will mentor our teachers and offer his unique and rich experience with Waldorf education, art,  and Anthroposophy to our parent community. Leo Klein began painting professionally after more […]

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“Race To Nowhere: The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture” Documentary

Title: “Race To Nowhere: The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture” DocumentaryLocation: Countryside Unitarian Church, 1025 North Smith Street, Palatine, ILLink out: Click hereDescription: Brilliant Parenting Discussion Group & Water’s Edge School Presents: “Race To Nowhere: The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture” Documentary Film Synopsis: A concerned mother turned filmmaker aims her camera at […]

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Kids Haven’t Changed–Kindergarten Has

This study by the well-respected Gesell Institute confirms that introducing academics at younger and younger ages does not speed up learning. The developmental phases of learning have their own rhythms, as we know! This study offers strong support for play-based, child development-based kindergarten. Read the article in the Harvard Education Letter here

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Discovering Waldorf – ‘Waldorf from a Neuroscientific Perspective’

Discovering Waldorf – ‘Waldorf from a Neuroscientific Perspective’ Why Waldorf works has more to do with how the brain develops and functions optimally than Rudolf Steiner ever could have known. Sure, the educator and founder of Waldorf Education theorized convincingly about how children learn best, but until MRIs and other sophisticated measures of the brain […]

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Welcome to our new website!

It’s here!  We are delighted to welcome you to our new website.  Please take some time to browse — we think you’ll learn a lot about Waldorf education and Water’s Edge Waldorf School.

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