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Thank you to all who have already given to the DVWS Giving Circle!  

Birthday Celebration—Waldorf Early Childhood Style

“Once upon a time, there was a child who lived among the sun, the moon, and the stars…” so begins the birthday story. In our Waldorf kindergarten, we are treated to a special birthday story. Family members are invited to join us. Older siblings in our grades program

Nicole Griffith—Final Project for Fiber Craft Studio, Applied Arts Program, 7th Cycle

Earlier this year, twelve students of the 7th cycle of the Applied Arts Program of Fiber Craft Studio in Chestnut Ridge, NY presented their final projects and received a certificate of completion. Among them was our Grades’ Handwork Teacher, Nicole Griffith. Nicole Griffith from

Grades 1-3 Lantern Walk

Our Martinmas celebration: Children worked hard during the week, making their lanterns for this special night. Grade school children gathered for baked potatoes and cookies, then families joined in to share a reverent time of song and of carrying our lights, literally and figuratively


  Diwali is a five-day festival of lights, which originated in India. Diwali is a shortening of the word deepavali, which means “row of lamps.” The darkest night of autumn lit with diyas – earthern lamps, candles and lanterns, makes the festival of lights particularl
Da Vinci Waldorf School -2015 - Preschool Outdoor Activities - Winter Marshmallow Roast!

Preschool Outdoor Activities: Winter Marshmallow Roast!

Preschool Outdoor Activities: Winter Marshmallow Roast! The snow fell beautifully last Monday night, leaving us with fresh, fluffy snow and lots of tracks, tracks, tracks, we found on our weekly hike on Tuesday. As a result, the tracks of mice, cats, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, dogs

In the Da Vinci Waldorf Classroom: Fall, 2014

Fall 2014 In September we welcomed first graders with the Rose Ceremony. They were sent off with a story of strength and adventure to begin their grade school journey. The community gathered to ring in the season of Michaelmas and embrace the courage needed to bring down our dragons.

In the classroom 2-3-14

Early Childhood The circle time in early childhood is a winter movement adventure where we go on a journey “O’er mountain high and bridges low…ever onward we must go!” The children walk across a balance beam “bridge” over an icy river below. We move