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In the classroom 2-3-14

Early Childhood     The circle time in early childhood is a winter movement adventure (see photos above) where we go on a journey “O’er mountain high and bridges low…ever onward we must go!” The children walk across a balance beam “bridge” over an icy river below. We move from fine motor activities to gross […]

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In the Classroom 12-6-13

Dec. 6, 2013 We welcome you here to take a glimpse into the school day and the curriculum, and we wish you a wonderful holiday season. – The DVWS Faculty Early Childhood As the natural world has transitioned into a winter mood, so has our seasonal nature table. The root children are tucked in sleeping […]

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In The Classroom 11-13-13

Dear Parents, This time of year brings an opportunity for deepening in learning. Routine and rhythm have been established in the classrooms creating a calm and order that can allow class work to flourish.  A new level of interest is active both in students and teachers. We can see this in the activity of small […]

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8th Grade Vision Quest 2013

  In some Native American cultures, a rite-of-passage event, called a Vision Quest, was used for an adolescent to seek purpose and meaning in his life. An individual was sent out alone, in nature, with only the bare essentials to survive. His time was spent in prayer and meditation, reflecting on his life and the […]

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In the Classroom 11-1-2013

  Dear Parents, If you were to look through the window of your child’s classroom, you would see students learning many subjects in a variety of ways. We’re inviting you to share in the experience through the photographs and words below. Together the teachers and students are breaking new ground, making connections and discovering the […]

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In The Classroom 10-28-13

Dear Parents, Below is a peek into last week’s  goings-on in the school. There are so many things to say, but here are just a few to share. It is a joy to greet and teach your children each day! From the DVWS Faculty 1st Grade Block: Qualities of Number. Students are discovering the truth of numbers […]

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Why Take a Class Trip?

  The 5th/6th Grade class at Da Vinci Waldorf School just returned from its class trip to Starved Rock State Park.  The class trip in the Waldorf school has several purposes.  First, it is an opportunity for the students to understand themselves in an environment that is not their home and where they are allowed […]

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Service is Part of Learning at Da Vinci Waldorf School

This year, Da Vinci Waldorf School sixth- through eighth-graders were involved in numerous service projects. They volunteered with Citizens for Conservation, based in Barrington; Walk on Farm in Barrington, which provides equine assisted therapy; and at Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center—the veteran’s hospital in North Chicago. “It’s very important for adolescents to […]

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Has Public Education Been Left Behind?

Sir Ken Robinson discusses how it is our educational paradigm itself that has been left behind, taking our children and our future with it.  More of the same will only create more of the same–rising ADHD and dropout rates, and children who are woefully unprepared for the future.  He champions a radical rethink of our […]

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The Art and Science of Imagination

As part of our re-branding last year, the Da Vinci Waldorf School wrote a new tag line: “The art and science of imagination.” One of the fundamentals of Waldorf education is developing a child’s imagination. From the pictures the preschool child creates in her mind when she hears a fairy tale to the connections the […]

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