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In the Classroom 9/18/2016

1st and 2nd Grades: Cooking Class The first and second graders enjoyed cooking class this week, making use of our new “teaching island” outside the kitchen. They loved preparing their birthday celebration meal, which consisted of lemon-herb bread and homemade ice cream! 2n

In the Classroom—May 30, 2016

Old Stomping Grounds Last week the 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders went for a “hike” to their old stomping grounds from kindergarten. Newer students heard the stories from those who had build forts and hideouts in these woods. A good time was had by all!   3rd Grade Crocheted Hats The

Michael Hedley Burton at DVWS

Storyteller, author, and playwright Michael Hedley Burton visited our school this past week and treated the children and faculty alike to his storytelling. Originally from New Zealand, he now makes his home in Sydney, Australia. Students from Early Childhood through eighth grade were

Da Vinci Waldorf School Music Festival

DVWS Music Festival, May 1st, 2016 Video: Our 6th, 7th & 8th Graders Perform “Thuma Mina” As the teacher of music at Da Vinci Waldorf School, I am always intrigued to see what the work of our classes together will become. As I often say at class meetings, we are not so

Recap & Photos: Spring Grades Assembly

We came together as a community on Thursday to watch the grade school children as they presented bits and pieces of all they are learning in school. The first and second graders presented a poem on the treasures of the sea, while demonstrating their eurythmy skills. The third graders

1st, 2nd & 3rd Grades: Maple Tree Tapping, Sap Boiling & Syrup Making!

1st, 2nd & 3rd Grades: Maple Tree Tapping, Sap Boiling & Syrup Making! Grades 1, 2 and 3 has a wonderful time last Friday learning about the tapping of maple trees and the process of making maple syrup at the Spring Valley Nature Center in Schaumburg. They were able to watch t

1st & 2nd Grade Play: “Mother Earth and Father Sun”

1st & 2nd Grade Play: “Mother Earth and Father Sun” The first and second grade play “Mother Earth and Father Sun” was well-received last Friday. The students did their very best dramatic presentation of this story of the seasons, complete with fairies, grea

2nd Grade: Form Drawing

2nd Grade: Form Drawing A precursor to cursive writing. Practicing forms in many different ways helps create a feeling for the form. The children walked it in the room, drew it on the board, traced it with their fingers, and shaped it with stones. Then they tried writing.

1st and 2nd Grades—Watercolor Painting

1st and 2nd Grades—Watercolor Painting All grades in Waldorf schools paint with “wet on wet” watercolor. In the early grades it begins as an experience of color. Painting in this way enhances the feeling life, along with other attributes, such as spatial orientation and pa

Recap: Winter Grades Assembly

Winter Grades Assembly Thank you to all the parents who attended, and especially to the students who shared their work, talents, and energies with us at the Winter Grades Assembly last week. It was a delight to see the students share their drama, songs, movements, and verses. The 4th