Third Grade Farm Trip 2017 - Angelic Organics - Da Vinci Waldorf School

Third Grade Farm Trip—Angelic Organics Learning Center, Caledonia, IL

Third Grade Farm Trip to Angelic Organics Learning Center, Caledonia, IL The third grade farm trip —a rite of passage in Waldorf schools—meets the needs of growing nine year old students, while also stretching and challenging them in important ways. Last week our third graders embarke

In the Classroom 5/6/2017

Early Childhood: Kite Flying A sunny, windy May day is perfect for flying a kite with the early childhood children! 1st Grade: Spring Spring is in the air, and in the first grade painting lesson of a blossom, and on the chalkboard for their enjoyment. 1st & 2nd Grades: Arithmetic
In the Classroom 4/29/2017

In the Classroom 4/29/2017

Please enjoy this glimpse into what our students have been learning and doing this week! Early Childhood: Worms & Millipedes The natural concentration of a child focused on nature. A child-created habitat for millipedes, and another for worms. 1st Grade: Scarves The first graders
Da Vinci Waldorf School - Wauconda, IL - In the Classroom 4/21/2017

In the Classroom 4/21/2017

Please enjoy this glimpse into what our students have been learning and doing this week!   Early Childhood: Hikes These are some of the final weeks that we will take our hike to the magical words. Spring is pushing through with bits of green! The birds have a sense of urgency for
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In the Classroom – 4/7/2017

Early Childhood—Spring is Springing There will be puddles, mud, and worms. Who are we to judge? Dress for the weather and enjoy it! 1st Grade: Planting Seeds The first and second graders work with Mrs. Fiskum to plant Johnny Jump Up seeds for a spring flower display. 2nd Grade: Play P

In the Classroom 3/16/2017

Early Childhood: Sunflower Garden Our work, our play, our song…. While children free play, we also grind rye berries to use in our bread and the oldest students finger-knit jump ropes as we prepare to bring more levity into our lives! 1st Grade: Starfish Painting Working with co

In the Classroom 3/3/2017

Early Childhood In the Wonder Garden, free play is flowing, with many water themes like “the deep ocean” and  “super-heroes at the water park.” 1st Grade: Handwork Students are moving along on their scarf knitting. 1st & 2nd Grades: Painting A painting of A

In the Classroom 2/18/2017

Early Childhood: Valentine’s Day A little extra love being sent home from Apple Blossom Garden to their siblings. One of our precious boys said that as he was kneading the dough  “I shooted love down my arms, through my hands and into the bread.” He took it home and

In the Classroom 2/12/2017

Early Childhood The children and early childhood are enjoying cracking ice crystals and eating them! This week we also enjoyed a fire on the play yard. Early Childhood Early childhood is preparing for Valentine’s day! Early Childhood: Mighty Oaks Mighty Oak kindergartners streng

In the Classroom 2/5/2017

Da Vinci Waldorf Service Learning As our pilot program for service learning continues, students are engaging in some wonderful community activities. As part of our service learning curriculum, the seventh and eighth grade class is developing a relationship with the residents of Libert