Festivals and Events


Sample a Free Preschool Class
Saturday, April 12, 9 am If you are considering Da Vinci Waldorf School for your preschooler, you are invited to bring children 2 to 5 years old to try a free preschool class! We will begin the class by grinding grain and baking bread with the children, then parents will tour the school as their children play. Parents will rejoin the class to experience the circle, share a snack, and enjoy a puppet show. Pre-registration is required. Please call Susan Love (847)526-1372 or email slove@davinciwaldorf.org to register.


Da Vinci Waldorf School Tour and Orientation
Join us (during the school year) on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 8:45 to 10:45 a.m. as we gather for an inside look at Waldorf education in action. Experience the warmth of our Early Childhood classrooms.   Watch the lively engagement of our grade schoolers as they hear or recall the lessons brought by their teacher or work on math skills by jumping rope.  Hear the music the children bring, and page through the textbooks they make by hand.  Learn why Waldorf education at any age is the best preparation for your child’s happiness and success in the future.

Space is limited, so please r.s.v.p. by calling (847)526-1372 or emailing slove@davinciwaldorf.org.  Because we will be observing in classrooms, other than babies in arms, these are adult-only events. We look forward to seeing you there!

May Faire!
Saturday, May 10, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Bring the whole family to Da Vinci Waldorf School to celebrate spring!  Maypole dancing, pony rides, treasure hunt, crafts, puppet show, live music, delicious homemade food and more. 

This event is open to the public.  Admission is free; food and some activities will incur a small charge.  No registration is necessary.


Festivals and Events from Earlier in the Year:

Michaelmas Fall Festival
Saturday, October 5,  1-5 pm  This fun-filled family event features children’s activities including pony rides, obstacle course, games of skill and valor, puppet show, and storytelling.   Treat yourself to homemade soup, chili, bread and dessert.   Enjoy live music and home-baked treats.  The festival has something for everyone, so don’t miss it!  The festival is open to the public.  Admission is free; small charge for food and some activities.


Adult Education:  Music in the Waldorf School

Come and learn why music in the Waldorf school is so different from a “standard” musical education.
Music is one of the main threads throughout Waldorf education, and for many more reasons than one would think! Musical education at Da Vinci Waldorf School not only creates beautiful musicians, but also teaches children to work intuitively with others, a capacity that is being lost in our society. With everything that our young people have to face in their world today, it is more important than ever to bring the vital qualities of music to our children. Come and hear about the curriculum through the grades and why we bring certain things at certain times.


Holiday Market!
Saturday, December 7  11:00 am  to 5:00 pm   Join us to usher in the holiday season and get your shopping done!  The Holiday Market will feature hand-made toys, jewelry, accessories, ceramics, and many other works by local artisans.  Other highlights include a used book sale, candle-dipping and other children’s activities, a Kindermarket where children can shop for handmade gifts  for parents, a supervised “wonderland” where children can play while you shop, live music, free coffee, delicious homemade food, treats, and specialty coffee drinks.  While in the area, your family can also enjoy the holiday activities available on Main Street at Wauconda’s Holiday Walk.  Free admission.

The Holiday Market is open to the public, and admission is free.


Adult Education:  Science in the Upper Grades
December 10, 7 pm  
The uniqueness of the Waldorf system lies not so much in what the children are taught but in how and when.  Experience the way science in the Waldorf school sparks the natural wonder and curiosity of the child and leads to true thinking and discovery.  The approach is very different from the traditional practice of telling the student what he will see and then showing him. Join Waldorf grade school teachers Kathy Matlin and Debbie Dudeck and experience the difference for yourself. Parents of students of all ages are encouraged to attend.


Adult Education:  The Waldorf Curriculum in Grades 1-4
Tuesday, January 21, 7 pm   Learn how Waldorf education integrates fine arts, practical arts, music, movement and world languages with academics in the early elementary grades. Discover the wisdom of the Waldorf curriculum.  Why bring all four math processes in 1st grade?  Why wait until 4th grade to learn fractions and reading music?  Why fables in 2nd grade and farming in 3rd? Join us to learn more.  The public is welcomed to this  free, adult-only event. Pre-registration is required (847)526-1372  or  slove@davinciwaldorf.org .