7th gade 8th grade African Geography

7th & 8th Grades: African Geography

7th & 8th Grades: African Geography As part of our African geography block, each student in the seventh and eighth grade class was assigned a country in Africa to research and present a main lesson on. This included a review of the presentation given the day before, a presentation
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In the Classroom – 4/7/2017

Early Childhood—Spring is Springing There will be puddles, mud, and worms. Who are we to judge? Dress for the weather and enjoy it! 1st Grade: Planting Seeds The first and second graders work with Mrs. Fiskum to plant Johnny Jump Up seeds for a spring flower display. 2nd Grade: Play P
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“Love is a better teacher than duty.” —Albert Einstein

I was in the right place at the right time. I happened to be there when two of our teachers opened this year’s annual report and discovered the alumni pages, full of familiar-but-older faces of students they have taught over the years. Each student provided an update of what the
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Da Vinci Waldorf School - In the Classroom 3/24/2017

In the Classroom 3/24/2017

In the Classroom 3/24/2017. Please enjoy this glimpse into what our students have been learning and doing this week! Early Childhood: Tree Tapping Many early childhood families gathered at Spring Valley Nature Center on Friday to visit the heritage farm and to experience the tapping o
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