The art and science of imagination


Birthday Celebration—Waldorf Early Childhood Style

“Once upon a time, there was a child who lived among the sun, the moon, and the stars…” so begins the birthday story. In our Waldorf kindergarten, we are treated to a special birthday story. Family members are invited to join us. Older siblings in our grades program
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Nicole Griffith—Final Project for Fiber Craft Studio, Applied Arts Program, 7th Cycle

Earlier this year, twelve students of the 7th cycle of the Applied Arts Program of Fiber Craft Studio in Chestnut Ridge, NY presented their final projects and received a certificate of completion. Among them was our Grades’ Handwork Teacher, Nicole Griffith. Nicole Griffith from
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Third Grade Shelters Project

In this past block, our Third Grade explored various shelters and habitats from around the world. From the igloos of ice and snow in the north to the adobe huts of the desert south, we looked at the climate, geography and cultural aspects of many places. Beginning with prehistoric she
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Advent Garden

Our Advent Garden, a special experience for preschool through third grade, was held Monday, December 14th. Advent, a time of waiting and becoming, is perhaps the favorite and most precious time of year for children. There is much warmth, anticipation, and loving preparation for the ho
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