The art and science of imagination


Early Childhood Playground Time

Our early childhood children are enjoying the time we all share together on the playground in the morning and afternoon. Click any image to begin the slideshow (and view larger images.)  
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5th & 6th Grades: Field Trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden

In conjunction with, and to enhance their exploration of botany, the fifth and sixth graders took a field trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden this past week. The study of botany begins with the power of observation–the basis for all science. We begin any scientific endeavor by ob
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In the Classroom 9/25/2016

1st Grade: Chalkboard Drawing Little snail, Dreaming you go, Weather and rose is all you know. Weather and rose Is all you see, Drinking the dewdrops’ Mystery.  ~Langston Hughes 1st Grade: Watercolor Painting Yellow streaming out into the sky. In this exercise, first graders pul
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In the Classroom 9/18/2016

1st and 2nd Grades: Cooking Class The first and second graders enjoyed cooking class this week, making use of our new “teaching island” outside the kitchen. They loved preparing their birthday celebration meal, which consisted of lemon-herb bread and homemade ice cream! 2n
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