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DVWS Giving Circle 2016-2017, now through January 13

DVWS Giving Circle is a unique program that invites you to give charitable dollars, while giving you a say in how those dollars are spent. Our school, like any non-profit organization, needs support to achieve its mission—but we also want your involvement. A portion of donations recei
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In the Classroom 11/25/2016

Wonder Garden Sprouting and tending seeds in the Wonder Garden classroom. Early Childhood Our kindergarten classrooms enjoy a cup of warm tea to begin the day as we use our hands to warm beeswax to model into treasures. This week the kindergarten classrooms modeled beeswax into food t
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Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia—Tuesday, December 13th Third of three in-school celebrations of divine wisdom & love Santa Lucia was an Italian saint from the island of Sicily. Santa Lucia is the complement to St. Nicholas during this time of Advent. Santa Lucia represents Divine Love and comes to th
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Advent Garden

Advent Garden—Monday, December 12th Second of three in-school celebrations of divine wisdom & love The Advent Garden is a special experience we offer for our preschool through third grade students. While the experience is meant for children and their teachers only, parents are wel
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