The art and science of imagination

Third Grade Shelters Project

In this past block, our Third Grade explored various shelters and habitats from around the world. From the igloos of ice and snow in the north to the adobe huts of the desert south, we looked at the climate, geography and cultural aspects of many places. Beginning with prehistoric she

Advent Garden

Our Advent Garden, a special experience for preschool through third grade, was held Monday, December 14th. Advent, a time of waiting and becoming, is perhaps the favorite and most precious time of year for children. There is much warmth, anticipation, and loving preparation for the ho

Santa Lucia

We celebrated Santa Lucia this past Friday. The oldest girl at Da Vinci Waldorf School led the procession, her head adorned with lit candles in remembrance of Santa Lucia. Santa Lucia was an Italian saint from the island of Sicily. She is the complement to St. Nicholas during this tim

Holiday AfterMarket Now through December 17, in the school lobby

Holiday AfterMarket Now through December 17, in the school lobby Did you miss the Holiday Market? Want to help the school while shopping for the holidays? Or just need a last minute gift? Stop into the school lobby this week and next to see what we have in our AfterMarket. There is bi

DVWS Giving Circle

Have you heard about the DVWS Giving Circle? It is a unique way to give charitable dollars and have a say in how they are spent. Like all non-profits, our school needs your support to meet its mission, but we also want your involvement. A portion of donations received will be spent at

St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Day Celebrated in-school on Friday, December 4th On Friday, St. Nicholas and his sidekick, Ruprecht, visited children in preschool through third grade. The children learned the story of St. Nicholas prior to his arrival. St. Nicholas of Patara was a third century Bishop o

In the Classroom

3rd Grade Update The third grade just entered into a new block! We are looking at shelters from around the world and talking about the geography, climate and lifestyles of various places. We will begin by looking at some historical homes and moving toward those that still exist today.

Community Enrichment Evening—Adolescence: The Mask & The Butterfly, 12/1

Tuesday night we were blessed to learn from the experience of Elizabeth Gantner as she spoke to many of us on the sensitive topic of adolescence. She imparted a wealth of insight garnered over her twenty-two years of Waldorf teaching, as well as from the ups and downs of raising three

Alumni News: Olivia Love

Big news from Da Vinci alumna Olivia Love! We are so proud of her! Olivia has been selected as a delegate for Bernie Sanders for the 10th District in Illinois. She will be one of two women on a five person slate. It is an incredible opportunity for someone just 18 years old. When she

Holiday Market 2015!

The Holiday Market was a resounding success! Despite the wintry weather, our turnout was excellent, our spirits high, and our joy abounding. Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who braved the elements to spend the day making merry, while supporting our school. Thanks, as wel