The art and science of imagination

In the Classroom 10/21/2016

Hike Day Hike Day in Sunflower Garden. Wonder Garden Glimpses Miss Kelly providing a bit of TLC to start the day—soul food! 1st & 2nd Grades: Extra Lesson Extra Lesson brings “Wool Winding” to first and second graders. This exercise develops both a sense of left and ri

Holiday Market 2016!

Join us Saturday, November 19th for an amazing day of artisan shopping, live music, delicious food, holiday merriment and FUN! This annual event is an all-around favorite.  We hope you can join us!

Fall Grades Assembly 10/20

Fall Grades Assembly Thursday, October 20th, 8:45 a.m.  

In The Classroom, 10/14/2016

Moving Along From the youngest in our school to the oldest, the children learn to carry along what they need, to be innovative, and to be strong. Early Childhood: Knighting Ceremony In the spirit of the Michaelmas season, some of the early childhood classes are singing a song about ta

In The Classroom, 10/7/2016

Early Childhood: Apple Picking and Dragon Fire Early childhood families went to Royal Oaks Apple Orchard on Monday, October 4. A good time was had by all and many apples were picked. Many apples were also eaten! On Tuesday, early childhood had a bonfire that was referred to as “

Harvest Festival: Recap & Photos

A big thank you to all the wonderful parents, family and friends of the DVWS community for making this year’s Harvest Festival a success! Rain did not stop our community from showing up and having fun making caramel apples, watching blacksmithing demonstrations, decorating pumpk

In The Classroom 10/2/2016

Early Childhood Our early childhood children are enjoying the time we all share together on the playground in the morning and afternoon.  Visit our blog to view larger images. 1st Grade: Fairy Tales   First graders hard at work with images from fairy tales. From these stories a living

4th Grades: Norse Mythology

Third grade culminated in in stories that are considered some of the first true historic writings. In the fourth grade we are continuing this adventure into the history of mankind by looking at the relationship people have to the world around them. This theme occurs in almost every bl

Early Childhood Playground Time

Our early childhood children are enjoying the time we all share together on the playground in the morning and afternoon. Click any image to begin the slideshow (and view larger images.)  

5th & 6th Grades: Field Trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden

In conjunction with, and to enhance their exploration of botany, the fifth and sixth graders took a field trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden this past week. The study of botany begins with the power of observation–the basis for all science. We begin any scientific endeavor by ob