Building Our Garden Fence, Together

ALL Community “Homework” –  TEN STURDY STICKS

The Giving Circle has funded a beautiful and functional new garden fence for our school vegetable gardens and plans are underway. Chad Bantner, Vytas Janusonis, and Mrs. Tuly Faden have worked together to come up with an inspiring design. We are asking for every student, faculty, board member, and staff in our community to contribute to the project! Parents are welcome to help and encourage children in their task.

  • Each student is invited to bring in 10 sturdy sticks.
  • Sticks should be 5 feet long and 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • Please leave the bark on your sticks.
  • Families are welcome to personalize them, carve names into them, decorate with yarn, etc.
  • Please avoid paint, chemicals, or anything hazardous.
  • Please place sticks in the box in the pavilion out back. 
  • Please bring your sticks in by April 15th.