March 2020 Lunch (& Afternoon Snack) Ordering

LUNCHES & AFTER SCHOOL SNACKS are available to order. After school snacks for Aftercare or the ride home.

  • Please try and be aware of class field trips etc. when you fill out your order form.
  • Paper forms and payment box will be available in the lower right corner of the parent mailboxes.
  • All food is lovingly prepared off site by Mrs. English.
  • Many special requests can be accommodated provided there is enough advance notice.

Order March Lunches  

Click for printable menu.

Please make sure to check the school calendar for field trips and scheduled outings before placing your order.

  • $6 standard meal; $7 larger portion.
  • Use a separate form for each person.
  • Select each date you wish to order.
  • Upgrade to large, if you wish.
  • Please make payment directly to Mrs. English. How do I pay?
  • Make checks to cash or Elizabeth English.
  • Snack is included. Children will choose from 2 or 3 snack options, usually fruit, cheese, vegetables, boiled egg, pretzels or chips.
  • Drinks are not included.
  • Your child’s home-cooked meals are lovingly prepared off-site by a current health and sanitation professional.