7th Grade – In the Classroom 2/16/2020

7th Grade – Age of Exploration

7th grade is in the middle of a voyage through the Age of Exploration. We began with the adventures of Marco Polo which helped set the stage for this era in history and now we are navigating through tales of Vasco da Gama, Magellan, Columbus and many more. It is a challenging block—one filled with exciting tales of dangerous sea voyages, but also the consequences that resulted from these expeditions that would change history and the world.

7th Grade – Farm & Garden

The fifth, sixth and seventh graders had a lesson on soil composition in Farming & Gardening class with Mrs. Faden.

7th Grade – Middle School Dance

On January 18th, our middle schoolers journeyed to Warrenville to join the fifth, sixth, and seventh grade students of the Waldorf School of DuPage for our first-ever Middle School Dance!