Apple Blossom Garden – In the Classroom 12/27/2019

Apple Blossom Garden – Puppet Performances

The children and have been digging into their imagination while putting on their own puppet shows and full blown performances. After we watched the 2nd Grade perform their Saint Martin play for Martinmas, the Apple Blossom children created their own wonderful play.

Apple Blossom Garden – Imaginative Play

Outside, a few of the children spent some time in the morning making wands at the anvil. Once the snow left, the kids made “paint” to make whiskers and more. The imaginative play never stops!

Apple Blossom Garden – A Secret Project

We all worked together measuring, sawing, and sanding our secret project—rolling pins! The children found out how hard sanding the wood smooth can be. The sawing mirrored our morning circle as well where we sawed down our imaginary Christmas tree together.

The last week of class we used the rolling pins to roll out gingerbread cookie stars.