3rd & 4th Grades – In the Classroom 12/27/2019

3rd Grade – Old Testament Stories

Old Testament stories describe how early people created tribes and affiliations based on familial loyalty. They also frequently show human beings on a quest to unite with their spiritual path. Third graders can relate well to being tribal as well as to the search for purpose in one’s life. The curriculum addresses both the development of the students’ character and ambition, as well as the practical language arts skill of identifying and using parts of speech.

4th Grade – Norse Mythology

Fourth grade has returned to the exploration of Norse Mythology. Stories about complex characters living together in a fractured world offer a reflection of how ten-year-olds see their lives; not quite a little kid, and not ready for adolescence. Friendships and interests are deepening at this age, along with their thoughts about love and hate, innocence and guilt.
Illustrated here is the servant Skinir who is riding the magical creature Gullinbursti into the realm of Jotunheim. He is on a mission to fulfill his master Freyr’s desire to win the heart of the ice-giant Gerd.

3rd Grade – Handwork

Third graders have learned a new skill in Handwork with Mrs. Griffith. They have crocheted flute cases and have created a round, flat mat to display their treasures.