7th Grade – In the Classroom 11/22/2109

7th Grade – Renaissance

The seventh grade has finished up their Renaissance block, culminating with research presentations and an exciting trip to Medieval Times (along with students from the Waldorf School of DuPage). Each student chose an artist, inventor, or scientist and researched his life and work. They chose very different and exciting people, from Filippo Brunelleschi, the created of the famous Dome in Florence, to Paracelsus—an interesting physician who discovered many things, including laying the groundwork to prove that bacteria and viruses cause many diseases.

As students rise through the grades, they are asked to complete more and more of their work independently. Projects such as these demonstrate not only a child’s ability to research, but also their ability to organize their time and think creatively about how they will present their findings. In conjunction with teacher guidance, students are given opportunities to explore topics they find interesting while also gaining perspective and research skills.