3rd & 4th Grades – In the Classroom 11/22/2019

3rd and 4th Grades – A Special Visitor

We welcomed Mr. William Buchholtz, a Native American flute player, on Friday, November 8th. Mr. Buchholtz is a descendant of the Canadian Kichesipirini (Great River) Band of the Algonquin/Algonkin nation.

During his visit he gave a short presentation to the grades students during weekly assembly, then spent most of his visit with the third and fourth graders as part of their exploration of our regional native culture. This block’s focus is on primitive homes, animal habitats, and the way of life of the Great Lakes Region before westward colonial expansion. Cultural aspects include hunting, canoe building, spiritual practices, and legends and stories.

Mr. Buchholtz has released his own CD “The Journey Home,” on which he plays both Native American flute and piano, and which features his original songs, and has also appeared on a “Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble” CD.
Learn more about him here.

3rd and 4th Grades – Trip to The Grove

Third and Fourth graders strengthened their experience of Native People’s culture on their visit to The Grove’s replica of a Potawatomi long house. They learned about native ways of building, hunting and gathering, and fire starting.

The class is reading Birchbark House; the story of young Omakayas and her family living in Wisconsin just before the time of European settlement. 

3rd and 4th Grades – Painting

To illustrate the story “Turtle Island,“ students created the flood waters in which Nanaboozhoo, turtle, mink, duck, Loon, and finally badger search for the bottom.

Once badger reaches the bottom, his fistful of earth is placed on turtle’s back, upon which the new earth is formed.