5th & 6th Grades – In the Classroom 11/8/2019

5th Grade Ancient India Studies

Fifth grade Ancient India studies culminated in the retelling and illustrating of the Indian epic poem The Mahabarata.

6th Grade Asian Geography

Sixth Grade Asian Geography has focused on understanding the wide diversity of cultures in Asia, cultural gifts, and founding history of several Asian cultures.

5th Grade Botany

The fifth graders explored botany while expanding their experimentation skills. They were able to gain a deeper understanding of how environmental factors affect plants. Have you ever wondered how the sprouting and growth of seedlings might be affected by rotation on a turntable or the addition of salt or sugar to their water source? Ask our fifth graders!

Geometry in Grades 5 and 6

The fifth and sixth grades started a formal geometry class this year and they are loving it! Up until this point, geometry has been experienced through freehand forms. Beginning in first grade with basic shapes and moving through fourth and fifth grade with more complicated forms such as Celtic knots. Around the time of middle school, students are introduced to a more formal style of geometry using tools such as the compass and protractor. Geometry can be a truly magical experience for children as they see what looks like a basic shape unfold into a kaleidoscope of forms. When we marry the practical aspects of geometry such as angles with art, we allow students to engage in the experience of the form while also learning the higher principles of mathematics. This makes it a great deal more fun for them and provides many lessons on forms, their properties, and their relationship to other forms.

Below is an example of a hexagon unfolded into a “hexaflower!” Beautiful shading techniques and designs were chosen by the students. Some 7th graders also provided some of their forms from their geometry block this year.