DVWS & Friends Xscape Adventures – October 5th, 11AM-12PM!

Room Details:

Cell Block 4

(A Prison Escape) – CHALLENGING
Maximum: 12

(8 7remaining)

Captain Scurvy

(A Pirate Adventure) – MEDIUM

Maximum: 8

(4 remaining)

Tomb of the Pharaoh

(A Mummy’s Tomb) – MEDIUM

Maximum: 8

(1 remaining)

Dragon’s Spire

(A Fantasy King’s Throneroom)


Maximum: 10

(10 remaining)

Public Wizarding School

(Potter-esque theme) CHALLENGING

Maximum: 10


Undead Alley

(Zombies – For the least faint of heart!) CHALLENGING

Maximum: 12

(12 remaining)

Join us afterward at
Chessie’s Restaurant, downtown Barrington
for the Barrington High School Alumni Homecoming Party, featuring NO FILTER!
Saturday, October 5 @ 11:30AM-2:30PM
after the homecoming parade, before the football game