Monthly Archives: October 2018

November Lunch Ordering

November’s lunch menu is now set, and online ordering is open! Order Online or turn in a paper form to the “Lunch Orders” mailbox at the bottom right of the parent mailboxes at school. Please do your best to order at least 3 days in advance. If you need to…

6th Grade – Handwork

The sixth graders have worked two classes each week since school started to create their own wet felted wool slippers. They finished them up last week and are enjoying warm and cozy feet this weekend, not to mention a satisfying sense of accomplishment on a job well done!

1st & 5th Grades – Knitting Buddies

Last week was the first knitting day for the first graders. A lovely tradition of Waldorf schools across the world is that each year the fifth graders bring the very first stitches of knitting to the first graders. It is a beautiful pairing because fifth graders are returning to knitting…