Daily Archives: September 22, 2018

4th & 5th Grades – Music

Fourth and Fifth grades enjoy their music class together with music and orchestra teacher Mrs. English. Here, they practice recorder, a wonderful way to develop their listening abilities and to provide another window into the world of playing music with a group.

2nd & 3rd Grades – Deganawida

Students hand modeled canoes from the story Deganawida. In this legend the hero Deganawida paddles a stone canoe from tribe to tribe along the shores of the Great Lakes delivering a message of peace. In painting students further explored the Deganawida story.      

AWSNA Summer Conference – Thank You!

The annual AWSNA summer conference was extremely interesting this year. There were schools represented from across the country—even one from Australia! The topic of this conference was diversity, which left many of us feeling the impact of our suburban demographics. The speakers included a few Waldorf alumni sharing stories of…

Fall Festival—Volunteers Needed!

Come one, come all and help with our annual Fall Festival. Thank you for your time! Fall Festival 2018 – Class Responsibilities and Volunteer Opportunities Wonder Garden & Parent/Child classes Bake pumpkin muffins Volunteer for Activities and Desserts Children and their families explore and collect twigs, feathers, and leaves for…

All are invited to our Fall Festival! Enjoy pony rides, live music, food, games, blacksmith demonstrations, crafts and more! September 30th, 1-5PM

Fall Festival 2018 – October 13th, 1-5PM

Come one, come all to our Fall Festival! Come celebrate autumn and enjoy the gifts of the harvest with the whole family. We’ll have pony rides, live music, food, games, apple cider, blacksmith demonstrations, crafts and more. Admission, live music, and select activities are FREE. Affordable food, drinks and tickets…

Apple Blossom Garden – Monarch Surprise

A monarch chrysalis was discover while harvesting tomatoes. The class brought the chrysalis into the classroom and waited. Today the beautiful butterfly emerged just as the students arrived. By 11 a.m. the female monarch was released to visit the flowers.

Yearbook – New Feature This Year – Custom Pages

Did you know that you get two, free customizable pages with your yearbook purchase? All you have to do is log into your account from a desktop computer at any time between now and April 15th and upload some of your favorite photos and memories. There’s no checkout process for…