Daily Archives: May 13, 2018

4th Grade – Local Geography

The fourth grade has been learning about Wauconda in local geography, and took a walk to the Andrew C. Cook house where they learned many things about local history. Students were intrigued by this cookbook from the early 1900s.

May Faire – Volunteers Needed

Thank you if you have already signed up to take a shift at Mayfaire. Help is needed from every family to make this event run smoothly. Please use your class sign up, which was emailed to you by your room parent, or the All Community sign-up to volunteer for a shift of…

Calendar of the Soul, May 13–19, 2018

Calendar of the Soul May 13–19, 2018 Week Seven My self is threatening to fly forth, Lured strongly by the world’s enticing light. Come forth, prophetic feeling, Take up with strength your rightful task: Replace in me the power of thought Which in the senses’ glory Would gladly lose itself.…