Daily Archives: March 24, 2018

Donation Request

Donation Request: In the counseling work I do with homeless youth, I have incorporated music therapy using the ukulele. If you have a ukulele that is getting dusty or would like to make a donation of an inexpensive ukulele, please let me know. I have one client who is having…

Summer Camp @ DVWS—Register Now!

Registration is OPEN for this year’s summer camps! We are offering camps for four weeks between June 25 and July 27 (skipping the week of July 4.) There are summer camps for children from age 1 through 6th grade, offering a positive social experience where storytelling, music, hiking, handwork, gardening,…

Apple Blossom Garden – Hike Day

Apple Blossom Gardeners went for their weekly hike into the magical woods! What perfect weather we had! Father Sun greeted everyone and all! Lots of smiles, some stories by the bonfire, lots of climbing and fort building…truly a magical hike to the magical place with 15 magical friends!