Daily Archives: March 10, 2018

All-School Community Meeting – Thursday, 3/15 @ 7PM

Please join us for this important community-wide conversation about our school as we move forward together. Come out and meet your Board of Trustees. We will discuss topics that are on your mind as well as present a financial report, discuss AWSNA path to accreditation, our commitment to Waldorf curriculum,…

Announcing our 2018 “Take Flight” Alumni Grant Recipients!

Congratulations to this year’s “Take Flight” grant recipients! Three of our recipients will be at our All-School Community Meeting on Thursday, 3/15 to receive their awards—come out and congratulate them! What an inspiration it is to see our young people moving forward in such meaningful ways. We are honored to…

1st Grade – Painting

In painting, colors emerged from a rainbow cloud. Students are now working with many colors together, applying their understanding of complementary, primary, secondary, and contrasting colors.