The New Year Brings New Changes to Faculty and Staff

In addition to teaching Movement and Farm/Garden to Grades students, Tuly Faden will be joining the Early Childhood as an assistant in the Sunflower Garden. Ms. Sweta will now be assisting Ms. Dina in the Wonder Garden. We bid a fond farewell to Mrs. Byrne who, as planned, is moving on to different opportunities. We thank her for six and a half years of service and look forward to her future visits.

Mrs. Hasanbegovic left her role as fourth grade teacher in late November, and we have worked to meet the needs of that class. Mrs. English will be reprising her role as their class teacher. She will be joined and complemented by Mrs. Katie Hulls, who will teach skills lessons. This will allow Mrs. English to continue to teach Music and Orchestra to the rest of the Grades program. Mrs. Hulls is a teacher and parent, and she is pleased to resume teaching in this way.

Mrs. Margaret Myren will be now be teaching Parent-Child class. Ms. Margaret has had four students travel through our school and is thrilled to be back where she started…in Early Childhood!

Welcome new teachers, one and all! Also, many thanks to our strong and dedicated faculty, administration and board for your support and flexibility as we work to provide the best programming for our students.

Christine Grafft
Da Vinci Waldorf School