Daily Archives: December 15, 2017

Wonder Garden – Snow Play

The Wonder Garden had such fun playing outside, making snow angels, laughing, playing snowball games, running, sledding and of course taking a bite or two of the white snow!

How Will You Give Back This Holiday Season?

All gifts to Da Vinci Waldorf School and the Giving Circle are 100% tax deductible. Donate by December 31st to claim a deduction for 2017. Every gift is a voice. Your gift, at any level, makes you, or person you designate, a member of this year’s DVWS Giving Circle. Anyone…

5th Grade – Ziggurats

The fifth grade had an introduction to perspective drawing with their lesson on ziggurats. These are ancient temples from Mesopotamia. They will spend time working on these and then making their own out of clay—which is what the ancient Mesopotamians used to make them.

DVWS Alumni Take Flight Grant

The Da Vinci Waldorf (DVWS) Board of Trustees believes in the school’s students and wants to help them to get a little air beneath their wings and make a difference in the world. A $250 fund has been created and will be awarded in full or parts to student alumni…