Daily Archives: December 8, 2017

2nd and 3rd Grades: Clothing and Fibers

The second and third graders have been studying clothing and fibers this month. Beginning with fabrics made from animal sources such as leather and silk, students are gaining a better understanding and appreciation for the many items of clothing we wear every day. 

Giving Circle 2017-2018: Why, What & How

Why are we doing it this way? After years of experience with Shared Gifting through the Rudolf Steiner Finance grant, we wanted to bring this model to our community to change the the way donors are involved in the uses and direction of their gifts. A true community spirit is…

Advent Garden: Photos

Thank you to Miss Donna, who came and played the lyre for our Advent Garden this year and to Miss Nichole who was our angel. The Advent Garden was lovely!

1st Grade: Painting

The first graders enjoyed a painting lesson in complementary colors. Students have learned to mix secondary colors and are exploring who they are friends with. Also in painting, students are exploring the color companions of of the vowels. A brings soothing warmth- aaah. I is cooler and often gives a feeling…