In the Classroom 1/20/2017

EC: Finger Knitting

Our “Mighty Oaks” in the early childhood program working on finger knitting. Making treasures!

EC: Beeswax Modeling

Little hands in the early childhood program making beeswax stars and snowflakes for King Winter!

1st Grade: Color Study

Color stories about the interplay and character of each color. In this story red played alone and wanted to have the playground to herself. Yellow came dancing along and gathered around red. She pushed out, and yellow kept his distance until they both discovered how beautiful they were together.

1st Grade: Clay Modeling

Modeling lesson in clay that formed many versions of King Winter.

1st Grade: Math Skills

Card games offer many fun opportunities for math skills: grouping, counting, more and less, and endless operations.

2nd Grade: Penmanship

Students practice their penmanship while writing their own tongue twisters.

2nd Grade: Painting

 The Second Grade explored winter themes in their paintings of the Northern lights and steaming mugs of hot chocolate.

3rd Grade: Service

In our pilot service learning program this year the third graders have been doing their service work for the school. This week they re-organized and sorted many of the costumes that we have on hand for plays and pageants. We couldn’t end without a little fun!

4th Grade: Color

The fourth graders have been experimenting with different ways to use color. Here we have some magnificent color washes of their own design followed by form drawings and ships of the Vikings. Painting is a quiet time for reflection and experiencing what our souls feel in color.

5th & 6th Grades: Service

Our fifth and sixth graders performed a concert at a retirement home in Wauconda as part of their recent service work.

7th & 8th Grades: Mathematics

This week the seventh and eighth graders used the Pythagorean Theorem to figure out some real life problems and constructed the Golden Mean.

7th & 8th Grades: Service

Seventh and eighth graders scrubbed mud off the front walk this week as part of their service work.