New to the WES Weblog – Commenting now available on all future posts!

Several people have asked to have commenting open on all posts. Previously we were limiting comments to only a few types of posts, but after bringing these requests to the faculty, they have agreed that commenting can be available on all our future posts! Thank you,  Faculty!!

A few general rules about posting to the weblog: 1) Please be considerate of others when commenting on posts or responding to other people’s comments. 2) Always remember that this is a public forum – anyone on the internet could find and read what you have posted here. It is a good idea to re-read what you have written before submitting it to the weblog to be sure it reads the way you intend. 3) All posts (no matter who you are) are moderated. This really just means that we’re watching to make sure the spam posts don’t get past the filter, but the weblog moderators do reserve the right to refuse or delete any comments that we may consider offensive or inappropriate. This is a common practice on Weblogs and forums across the internet, and we will do what we can to get your comments through to the blog as soon as possible. 4) Discussions on each post will close after a period of 14 days. Two weeks should be plenty of time to finish out any discussions, and this is another measure that will help prevent spam posting in the comments of our blog.

In order to comment on a post: You may select the title of the post or the linked word “Comments” listed with the tags and categories at the end of each post. Either of these links will take you to the page where comments may be entered for that post.