In The Classroom – 4th Grade

The garlic we planted way back in early autumn broke through the ground a number of weeks ago and the shoots now stand tall and mighty like a husky Norse cousin of the spring onion. Each time I walk past them I am reminded of how quickly time passes. I am also surprised at how much has been accomplished in this seemingly brief amount of time. Roots have been established and have taken hold of the earth. Buds have formed and reach skyward with amazing tenacity and courage. Our class has made similar transformations as well. We have come a long way this year and are racing towards the finish line with grace and energy.

We are finishing up our final Local Geography block and will be dipping our kayak paddles into the Galena River this week during our class trip. After an in depth exploration of the area we live in, beginning with our classroom and expanding to the Great Lakes and Mississippi River, we will be experiencing the unglaciated beauty of Western Illinois first hand. It is a wonderful joy for us to be spending such time in great company.